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This book is a road map to freedom for men who have seemed to find no answers to the question of sexual purity. We live in a generation where sexuality has become so common with no regard for the sanctity of marriage. Promiscuity is almost expected to be the norm amongst men in today’s society. Although the world may be yielding to the lust and desires of the flesh, we as believers must remain consistent in a lifestyle of holiness. The world must see our light shine with purity and authenticity. 


You will find practical steps to help strengthen your spirit and diminish the desires of the flesh through scriptural strategies and prophetic declarations. In order to maintain victory, you must remain full of the Word and the Spirit. Victory already belongs to you. We are going to teach you how to defend what Christ died to give you. You were born-again to handle this. It’s time to get over this hurdle!

Accountability Material


Spiritual & Practical Answers

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